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Financial Planning

Aspera Planning Specialties
Investment Analysis
Retirement Planning

Cash Flow Analysis

Budgeting/Cash Flow Prioritization

Insurance Review

College Planning

Rental Property Analysis

Employee Benefits Selection

Business Analysis 

Tax Review

Tax Optimization

Estate Plan Review

Home Buying/Mortgage Advice

Financial planning can be a confusing term.  It really just means "advice about financial issues."  It could be as simple as seeking advice on a single topic, like how best to allocate your savings or whether or not to invest in your brother-in-law's new day trading venture (no, you shouldn't).  It could also entail a detailed review of your finances, setting financial goals, and putting a plan together to help achieve them.   

There are plenty of sources for financial advice: investment advisers, financial planners, financial consultants, your cousin down at the pawn shop, websites, astrologists, fortune cookies, etc.  Take the time to understand the different types of advisers, the services they offer, their work and educational background, and how they charge.  Weekly takeout Chinese with a new fortune cookie is a much more satisfying than bad financial advice.  

"I intend to live forever.  So far, so good." -- Steven Wright
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