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Investment Management

Aspera is an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisor (RIA).  What does that mean in English?  My clients hire me to professionally manage their investment accounts (brokerage accounts, IRAs, and retirement accounts) and to advise them on other assets they may own or be considering.  Clients retain full custody of their accounts at all times with only trading authority granted to me.  "Independent" means that I work for myself and am not affiliated with any other firm.  "Fee-only" means that my compensation comes directly and only from my clients and is based on a percentage of the assets I'm responsible for (typically 1.00%).  I work exclusively for my clients and have no incentive to push any type of product as I don't receive or accept commissions, kickbacks, bribes, hush money, or referral fees from anyone.  In short, I provide professional, personalized, and unbiased investment management services, and my interests are completely aligned with my clients. 

The Aspera Approach

  • Customized, professional, active investment management

  • Separately managed portfolios based upon the unique risk tolerance, time horizon, tax status, and investment objectives of the client

  • A disciplined and time-tested investment philosophy and Buy/Sell process

  • A patient approach that has kept clients protected during major downturns

  • A focus on valuation, fundamental analysis, and independent thinking 

  • A long-term focus, with most investment expected to be owned for at least 1-5 years  

  • A global view that seeks undervalued and misunderstood opportunities across borders and asset classes

  • A better and more flexible approach to risk management and diversification

  • An emphasis on wealth preservation, especially during bubble environments   

  • Utilization of more advanced strategies involving options and shorting, as appropriate

  • A focus on keeping client costs low at all levels

  • Tax efficient investing with an emphasis on maximizing after-tax returns

  • Regular and clear communication with clients  

  • Investing personally in the same securities purchased for clients

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