General Questions

Do you offer an initial consultation?
Yes. We want to make sure you have a chance to learn as much about us as you need.  You should be picky about who you hire to manage your money.  Similarly, we're not looking to work with anyone who can fog a mirror.  The consultation gives us a chance to see if we can help you, if you'd be a good fit for our process and philosophy or if taking you on as a client would, in any way, increase the chance that we'd eventually be prescribed anti-psychotic meds.  

Do I have to live locally to be a client?
No. Our clients live throughout the country. For those who are not local, we're happy to hold meetings over the phone or via video call, smoke signals or carrier pigeon.  Most clients elect phone calls.  

What is a fiduciary? Are you one?
A fiduciary has a legal responsibility to put his or her clients’ best interests first. You'd think every financial adviser would be a fiduciary.  You'd be wrong.  Any adviser who isn't a fiduciary is essentially making it clear that their personal interests come before yours.  Yes, we act in a fiduciary capacity.

Investment Management

Do I need a minimum account size (in dollars) to be a client?
Technically, no.  We do have minimum fees, however, and we won't take a new client on if our fee would be too high as a percentage of their portfolio.  See, we're already looking out for you.

Where are my funds (money/account) kept?
Your funds/money are in your own account in your name at your broker (ie. Schwab, Ameritrade, Fidelity, etc.). If you don't have a broker, we will be more than happy to help you choose one.  At no time do we have custody of your investment account.

Do I have a say in what securities are in my account?
We have full discretion over the securities that we buy in your account.  We don't ask your permission before buying or selling a security.  We're not stock brokers.  It is imperative that we be permitted to structure and alter our client portfolios in a timely manner as we best see fit if we are to do our job well.  If you're not comfortable with this...why are you looking for an investment advisor?  For clients who wish to manage a portion of their assets themselves, we insist that those funds be placed in a separate account and managed separately by the client.

Am I locked into a contract?
What's with everyone having commitment issues?   We only work with people who can take a long-term view when it comes to their portfolio, but no one is locked into a  contract.  There is a contract which we both will sign, but you can cancel it at any time if you find a better looking advisor who understands you better and does a better job of validating your feelings...or for any other reason.  There is no penalty for terminating the contract, but you will be responsible for the payment of services rendered up until the time of cancellation.