The Aspera Team

Ken Bell CFA, CFP, MBA

Ken is the President, Senior Analyst, and Head Coffee Maker at Aspera Financial, LLC. His investment management and financial advisory experience includes research, portfolio management, trading and asset allocation responsibilities at some of the nation's leading private asset management firms, mutual fund companies, and insurance companies.

Prior to founding Aspera, Ken served as Senior Vice President at Hartford Investment Management Company (HIMCO) where he managed the Equity department and was responsible for $4 billion in equity assets.  Ken's portfolio management performance at HIMCO ranked him among the top U.S. mid-cap growth portfolio managers.

Ken earned an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago in 1995 with concentrations in analytical finance and accounting. While at Chicago, he studied under two of the pioneers of modern portfolio theory: Nobel  Prize winners Eugene Fama and Merton Miller. Ken also holds a B.S. in finance from the University of Connecticut, where he graduated at the top of the business school. He is a CFA® charterholder and a CFP® professional.  Ken is also a vegan, ultrarunning Dad who spends an unnatural amount of time out in the woods, eating bananas, and researching new running shoes.

Adelyn - Junior Research Analyst and Self-Described Cat Whisperer

Our Junior Research Analyst keeps our investment process focused by constantly asking, "What exactly is your job?"  She has concentrated her research efforts on the cat industry but also enjoys researching the restaurant, movie, and Harry Potter sectors.  She has a strong grasp of multiplication, division and fractions, and she can find Canada on the map which makes her more intelligent than 97% of all investment advisers.

Bella Boo - Stress Management Guru

The Boo is in charge of corporate stress management.  Though semi-retired she can often be found employing advanced stress relief techniques on employees, such as the Belly Rub Process and the Guess What I Just Ate In The Yard Meditation.

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