The Market Rubbernecker is the blog associated with our investment advisory business, Aspera Financial, LLC. We enjoy writing and sharing our thoughts about the financial markets, the economy, politics, and investment strategy, and we’ve found the blog format to be an effective way for us to share some of our views, concerns, frustrations, pontifications, and rantings.

The Market Rubbernecker is written primarily for our own enjoyment and as a means to avoid prolonged and expensive therapy. We cover whatever topic is of interest to us at the moment, and we don’t worry too much about political correctness. We are not full-time bloggers and have no such aspiration. Our priority is always our clients and their portfolios.

Notice the disclaimer posted in our blog. To summarize:

We use sources we believe are reliable, but seriously, who knows.

Our writing is for educational and entertainment purposes. It isn’t intended as specific financial advice for anyone. Always consult your own investment adviser and any other expert input you rely on (coin toss, squirrel entrails, planetary alignment, etc.).

We aren’t trying to sell you anything.

Let me stress again - Nothing we write is intended as specific advice to you. We don’t know who you are, what your financial situation is, or the extent of your criminal convictions, so we clearly aren’t speaking to your specific situation. If you’re looking for specific advice, we’d be happy to help you (depending on the criminal convictions), but you’ll need to contact us.

We might have positions in the securities we discuss. We might not. We’re not necessarily going to tell you if we do, but we might. If we do tell you, we’re not obligated to tell you when that position changes, but we might. Only our clients are privy to the full extent of our trading activity.

Our opinions can change at any they can’t........yes they can. Ok. Yes they can. We’re not obligated to notify you when they do (see prior point).


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